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Al-Jaques Alvin-Laurvick
Alan Jaques: One of the owners of Belknap Liquor and Lounge. Active community member including Douglas County Board of Supervisors.  Dedicated to serving his community and his customers. Alvin Laurvick:  Started working in 1982 and is one of the most knowledgeable staff members.  He is the MacGyver of the liquor store and lounge with his ability to fix anything!
Chris-Polston Denise-McDonald
Chris Polston: Started working in 2011 and has quickly learned about the alcohol beverage industry.  He has a keen ear for listening to what consumers want. Denise McDonald: Denise is the popular and knowledgeable “sampler” and is well versed about the many wines we offer.  She has participated in many educational trips to California’s wine country.
  Tim Jaques: As one of the owners, Tim started working for his father in 1977 at the “Old Belknap” located at 1921 Belknap Street.  Tim does it all and has seen it all!
Debbie Bergstrom Art Petrey
Debbie Bergstrom:  Debbie brings her sense of charm and laughter to the lounge every time she works.  Her smile and energy help to improve customer’s moods. Art Petrey:  A baker by trade, Art started bartending in  1965 and has long been a cornerstone of the lounge.  He loves photography and displays his work on the walls of the lounge.